Attack is a melee combat skill in RuneScape Classic that determines the accuracy of the player's melee attacks. Having a higher attack level will allow players to hit more frequently on their opponent.

The amount of attack experience gained while in Accurate stance can be found using this formula: Failed to parse (lexing error): 3 × H = Experience

While in Controlled stance, the experience is divided between the three skills (Attack, Strength, and Defense), so you instead use this formula:

In both cases, H = the amount of Hits experience received from the kill. This is different for each opponent, and unlike in RuneScape 2, is unrelated to the opponents' Hits.

Weapons Edit

As players gain attack levels, they are able to use better weapons that allow them to inflict damage more frequently. Better weapons have higher WeaponAim and WeaponPower bonuses meaning that players are not only able to hit more often but can also inflict more damage.age

Weapon type Level
Bronze 1
Iron 1
Steel 5
Black 10
Mithril 20
Adamant 30
Runite 40
Dragon 60
Khorium 100
Platinum 130
Titanium 150

Boosts Edit

Item/Prayer Boost
Incredible Reflexes +15%
Super attack potion +15%
Improved reflexes +10%
Attack potion +10%
Clarity of thought + 5%