Fletching is a useful skill in ClassicKBD. The main function of it is to make bows and other ranged weapons. It is considered to be a producing skill, as the player makes bows and other items.

Overview Edit

Making bows in the game can be a useful skill to know. Many choose to get the logs through the woodcut skill. All you need is a log, a knife, and a bowstring to make a bow. First, you use the knife on the logs, and select which type of bow you want, then you cut it, and after that you add the bow string to the bow, finishing it. A player can make bows out of almost every log in the game. Other weapons that can be made are arrows, which require arrow shafts, feather, and the arrow heads. The player cuts the arrow shafts out of regular logs, adds the feathers, and then the arrowheads. After the arrow is finished, many choose to use the arrows, as it is an inexpensive way to get arrows, only needing the investment of a knife and woodcutting axe, as the rest can be gathered.

Bows Edit

First you need to acquire some wood. There are several types of trees that you can cut, depending on your level of woodcut. Next use a knife on logs to cut them into either shortbow or a longbow. To string a bow you need to find flax. This can be found behind the bee hives in Camelot or even better at Gnome Stronghold as there are a number of flax there. When you get a full load, simply climb the ladder next to the plants and bank them. After you have a large amount, then you need to spin the flax on a spinning wheelto make bow strings. Go to Falador and use the bank and spinning wheel which is near it to spin it. This is by far the fastest way to obtain bow strings. Finally add the string to the bow to complete it. Ordinary trees can be found all over RuneScape Classic but the rarest trees can only be found near Seers' Village.

Name Level Experience (unstrung)
Total experience
Shortbow 5 5 10
Longbow 10 10 20
Oak Shortbow 20 16.5 33
Oak Longbow 25 25 50
Willow Shortbow 35 33.3 66.5
Willow Longbow 40 41.5 83
Maple Shortbow 50 50 100
Maple Longbow 55 58.3 116
Yew Shortbow 65 67.5 133
Yew Longbow 70 75 150
Magic Shortbow 80 83.3 166.5
Magic Longbow 85 91.5 183
Mystic Shortbow 90 110 220
Mystic Longbow 97 140 280
Cork Shortbow 115 180 360
Cork Longbow 122 230 460
Boojum Shortbow 130 290 580
Boojum Longbow 137 380 760
Gum Shortbow 145 480 960
Gum Longbow 147 590 1180
Twisted Shortbow 149 700 1400
Twisted Longbow 150 820 1640

Arrows Edit

To make an arrow, first cut some regular logs by using a knife to cut them into arrow shafts. Add feathers and then arrow heads to finish the arrow.

  • Arrow heads can either be purchased from member's archery store, or smithed at an anvil.
  • Feathers can either be bought from fishing shop in Port Sarim and the Shanty Pass store or by killing jungle demons, dragons.

The better the arrow, the more damage it will inflict. You will require a better bow to fire better arrows. Making arrows shafts: 1 log = 10 shafts = 5 exp. Feathering shafts: 10 feathers + 10 shafts = 10 headless arrows = 15 exp.

Name Level Experience Bow required
Bronze Arrows 1 30 exp per 10 arrows Any bow
Iron Arrows 15 40 exp per 10 arrows Any bow
Steel Arrows 30 65 exp per 10 arrows Any bow
Mithril Arrows 45 90 exp per 10 arrows Any bow
Adamantite Arrows 60 115 exp per 10 arrows Any bow
Rune Arrows 75 140 exp per 10 arrows Any bow
Dragon Arrows 105 200 exp per 10 arrows Any bow
Khorium Arrows 120 400 exp per 10 arrows Any bow
Platinum Arrows 135 800 exp per 10 arrows Any bow
Titanium Arrows 145 1600 exp per 10 arrows Any bow

Darts Edit

  • You need to have Tourist Trap quest completed.
  • To make darts you only have to add feathers to a dart head.

First buy or smith some dart heads and finish the dart by adding a feather to it. Feathers can either be bought from fishing shop in Port Sarim and the Shanty Pass store or by killing most higher level mobs like dragons, jungle demons. Overall they are much easier/faster to make than arrows as you need one step less (no need to cut logs and make shafts). The better the dart, the more it will inflict damage.

Name Level Experience
Bronze Throwing Dart 1 12 exp per 12 darts
Iron Throwing Dart 22 12 exp per 12 darts
Steel Throwing Dart 37 12 exp per 12 darts
Mithril Throwing Dart 52 12 exp per 12 darts
Adamantite Throwing Dart 67 12 exp per 12 darts
Rune Throwing Dart 82 12 exp per 12 darts
Dragon Throwing Dart 105 12 exp per 12 darts
Khorium Throwing Dart 120 12 exp per 12 darts
Platinum Throwing Dart 135 12 exp per 12 darts
Titanium Throwing Dart 145 12 exp per 12 darts