Herblaw is a skill in ClassicKBD that allows players to make potions.

Getting started in Herblaw requires completion of the Druidic Ritual quest, which will raise the player's Herblaw level to 3 (the level required to make the first potion). It is usually impossible to start Herblaw without completing this quest.

Obtaining herbs

There is a herb Shop North East of Al Kharid.

Almost all NPCs drops herbs. Their herb quality increases with the level of the monster.

You can buy a Herblaw Item Pack in Boss City for Boss Tokens.

You can buy herbs from other players.

Chaos Druids, Chaos Druid Warriors, and Chaos Druid Leaders drop Herbs more often than other npcs.

Chaos Druids are be found in Taverly Dungeon, Yanille Dungeon

Chaos Druid Warriors can be found in Yanille Dungeon, Lava Guild (Wild), Deep Wilderness Town (Wild)

Chaos Druid Leaders can be found

Cleaning herbs

When herbs are first obtained as drops from monsters, they are Grimy. In order to be able to use these herbs to make potions, a player must clean the herb by clicking on it in the inventory screen. Different herbs require different levels to clean.

Herbs for Potions

Herb Herblaw level Experience
Guam Leaf 3 10
Marrentill 5 20
Tarromin 11 30
Harralander 20 40
Ranarr weed 25 50
Irit leaf 40 60
Avantoe 48 70
Kwuarm 54 80
Cadantine 65 90
Dwarf weed 70 100
Torstol 78 110
Spice 90 120
Tea Leaf 100 130
Death Rose 109 150
Fool's Weed 130 200
God Lily 138 300
Rune Poppy 146 400
Dragon Lotus 149 500

Herbs for Cloths (Requires Crafting to Spin)

Herb Herblaw level Experience
Snake Weed 20 40
Ardrigal 60 85
Sito Foil 100 140
Volencia Moss 120 160
Rogues Purse 140 140

Mixing potions[]

Making a potion requires a vial filled with water, a herb, and a secondary ingredient. Vials can be made using the Crafting skill, or bought from the Taverley herb shop. Water can be added to an empty vial by using it on a sink, fountain, or other water sources. Level 90 Vial chests from thieving give 2 vial certificates with a 15 second spawn.

Name Level Herb Secondary Experience Effect
Attack Potion 3 Guam leaf Eye of newt 10 Mixing, 13 second Boosts Attack
Cure poison 5 Marrentill Unicorn horn 20 Mixing, 19 second Cures poison and provides immunity for a short time
Strength potion 12 Tarromin Limpwurt root 30 Mixing, 25 second Boosts Strength
Stat restore potion 22 Harralander Red spiders eggs 40 Mixing, 32 second Restores drained combat stats
Defense Potion 30 Ranarr weed White berries 50 Mixing, 44 second Boosts Defense
Restore prayer potion 38 Ranarr weed Snape grass 50 Mixing, 44 second Restores Prayer level
Super attack potion 45 Irit leaf Eye of newt 60 Mixing, 50 second Provides a greater boost to Attack
Poison Antidote 48 Irit leaf Unicorn horn 60 Mixing, 50 second Cures poison and provides immunity for a longer time
Fishing potion 50 Avantoe Snape grass 70 Mixing, 67 second Boosts Fishing level
Super strength potion 55 Kwuarm Limpwurt root 70 Mixing, 69 second Provides a greater boost to Strength
Weapon poison potion 60 Kwuarm Blue dragon scale 80 Mixing, 69 second Poisons throwing knives, throwing darts, arrows, a spear, or a dagger
Super defense potion 66 Cadantine White berries 90 Mixing, 75 second Provides a greater boost to Defense
Ranging potion 72 Dwarf weed Wine of zamorak 100 Mixing, 83 second Boosts Ranged
Potion of Zamorak 80 Torstol Jangerberries 110 Mixing, 90 second Boosts Attack and Strength, decreases Defense, Hitpoints, and Prayer for a short while
Woodworking Potion 90 Spice Unstrung Cork Shortbow 120 Mixing, 100 second Boosts Woodcutting and Fletching
Saradomin Brew 114 Tea Leaf Lava Eel 130 Mixing, 110 second Heals
Super Prayer Potion 122 Death Rose Magic Bones 140 Mixing, 120 second Restores More Prayer
Ultimate Attack Potion 130 Fool's weed Dragon Spear 150 Mixing, 130 second Boosts Attack
Ultimate Strength potion 138 God Lily Dragon 2-Handed Sword 160 Mixing, 140 second Boosts Strength
Ultimate Defense potion 140 Rune Poppy Dragon Plate Mail 170 Mixing, 150 second Boosts Defense
Ultimate Zamorak Potion 149 Dragon Lotus Kril's Bones 180 Mixing, 160 second Boosts Attack and Strength

Secondary ingredients[]

Each potion requires an additional ingredient after an herb is added in order to complete it. These ingredients are obtained in various ways throughout ClassicKBD

Secondary Ingredient Collection methods Potions
Eye of newt Can be bought in Taverley herb store for 3 coins as well as from Betty in Port Sarim. Also dropped by zombies. Attack potion, Super Attack Potion
Unicorn horn Obtained from killing unicorns and black unicorns. Cure poison, Poison antidote
Limpwurt root Obtained from hobgoblin, chaos druid warrior and hill giant drops. Strength potion, Super Strength Potion
Red spiders eggs There are 2 respawns in the Varrock Sewers. The Edgeville Dungeon has 4 respawns in low level Wilderness. One respawns inside Karamja Volcano. Stat restoration Potion
White berries Obtained from respawn at Red dragon isle (in wilderness). These are also dropped by Chaos druid warriors. Defense Potion, Super Defense Potion
Snape grass Respawns on peninsula west of Crafting Guild. Dropped by Chaos druids Restore prayer potion, Fishing Potion
Blue Dragon Scale Spawns in the Taverley dungeon Blue Dragon area. Weapon poison potion
Wine of Zamorak Telekinetic grab from table at the Chaos Temple north of Goblin Village, Lvl 120 Ranged Guild Ranging Potion

Spawns on the Ogre island west of Yanille (rope required to access).

Can be telegrabbed over the water.

Potion of Zamorak
Unstrung Cork Shortbow Woodcutting, Fletching Woodworking Potion
Lava Eel Fishing, Cooking Saradomin Brew
Magic Bones Creatures Above Lvl:150 Super Prayer Potion
Dragon Spear Crafting, Smithing Ultimate Attack Potion
Dragon 2-Handed Sword Smithing Ultimate Strength Potion
Dragon Plate Mail Body Smithing Ultimate Defense Potion
K'ril Bones K'ril Demon Boss Ultimate Zamorak Potion