|- !Also called? |lum, lummy

|- !Kingdom? |Misthalin

|- !Members Area? |No

|- !No. of Banks |No

|- !No. of Altars |1

|- !Leader |Duke of Lumbridge

|- !Teleportation |Lumbridge teleport

|- !Guilds |None

|- !Inhabitants/Race |Humans |}

Lumbridge is a town in the kingdom of Misthalin, north west of Al-Kharid and south of Varrock. It is the starting point for new players, and they can often be seen running around. It has many useful locations, such as a cow field, a chicken coop, an axe store, general store and more. Should a player die, they will respawn here, with only their 3 most valuable items. There are a few men in the castle to pickpocket for money.

Players who are used to RuneScape 2 will notice that the normal men is a level 9 on RuneScape Classic instead of level 2.

Notable Features Edit

There are several notable features in Lumbridge. These include the general store, north of the Lumbridge Castle. The general store is where players can sell their items, or buy a generic stock of items, such as buckets or pots. Another notable feature is the chapel east of the castle. Players can recharge their Prayer Points here, and start The Restless Ghost Quest. A priest lives in the church. Bob is in his shop south of the castle, where he sells axes and Battleaxes. The Duke of Lumbridge resides in Lumbridge Castle, he gives players the anti-dragon shield for the Dragon Slayer quest. The Cook who needs help baking a cake lives in the castle as well. The castle also has a spinning wheel for wool on the top floor. There are also respawns of runes and arrows on the bottom floor of the castle.

As Lumbridge is the respawn point for players who die, it is a popular place for players who are staking to hold duels.

Quests Edit

  • Cook's Assistant
  • Sheep Shearer
  • The Restless Ghost

NPCs Edit

  • Duke of Lumbridge
  • Hans
  • Cook
  • Fred the farmer