Prayer is a skill in RuneScape Classic where the player turns on "prayers" to aid them in combat. In the very early days of RuneScape Classic, Prayer was divided into 2 parts: Prayer Good and Prayer Evil. However, the two skills were merged into "prayer" and the experience from the type of prayer with the highest experience was kept. The skill with the lower amount of experience was discarded.

Prayer is a part of combat, by increasing attack, defense, and strength temporarily. It is also factored into your combat level.

It is one of the hardest skills to train because of small experience that bones give. Prayer accompanies combat by increasing Attack, Defense, and Strength temporarily.

To train prayer, you must bury bones. Simply pick up the bones dropped by a monster and click on the bones in your inventory to bury them. They will disappear from your inventory and you will gain prayer experience depending on the type of bone that you buried.


Bone Experience
Bones 10
Ashes 15
Big bones 50
Dragon bones 120
Magic Bones 240
Frost Dragon Bones 300
Kril Bones 400


Hotkey #

Prayer Level Effect Drain Rate
0 Thick skin 1 Increases defense by 5% 15
1 Burst of strength 4 Increases strength by 5% 15
2 Clarity of thought 7 Increases attack by 5% 15
3 Rock skin 10 Increases defense by 10% 30
4 Superhuman strength 13 Increases strength by 10% 30
5 Improved reflexes 16 Increases attack by 10% 30
6 Rapid restore 19 Restore all stats 2x as fast as normal 5
7 Rapid heal 22 Hits restore 2x as fast as normal 10
8 Protect item 25 Allows one more item to be kept on death 10
9 Steel skin 28 Increases defense by 15% 60
10 Ultimate strength 31 Increases strength by 15% 60
11 Incredible Reflexes 34 Increases attack by 15% 60
12 Paralyze Monster 37 Stops the monster you are fighting from attacking you, doesn't work on players 60
13 Protect from missiles 40 Protects from all ranged attacks, works on players 60
14 Super Range 47 Increase ranged by 10% 75
15 Super Mage 54 Increase magic by 10% 75
16 Invulnerable 60 Immune to Curses(weakens). 25% less magic damage 90
17 Ultimate Restore 70 >4x restore rate to all stats but hits 90
18 Ultimate Heal 80 >4x restore rate to hits 90
19 Ultimate Range 87 Increase ranged by 15% 105
20 Ultimate Mage 94 Increase magic by 15% 105
21 Weaken Boss 125 Weaken boss strength by 50% 150
22 Protect More Items 135 Keep 2 extra items on death(5item pkers) 150



A good way to train prayer is to kill monsters, pick up their bones and bury them.

Good monsters for regular bones It is advised that you kill monsters you can easily one-hit for fast bones.

  • Chickens
  • Cows
  • Rats

Good monsters for big bones

  • Giants
  • Dragons

Good monsters for dragon bones

  • Blue dragons
  • Red dragons
  • Baby Red Dragons
  • Baby Blue Dragons
  • King black dragon

Good monsters for magic bones

  • Lava Dragon
  • Bouncer
  • Ice Spider
  • King of Knights
  • Magic Demon
  • Chaos Elemental
  • Living Rock Striker
  • Jungle Demon
  • Abbarent Spectre
  • Abbysal Demon
  • Nechyrael
  • Dust Devil

Bat Bones are not in Classickbd/RSCKBD


Another popular alternative is to buy dragon or magic bone certificates from other people, uncert them and then bury them.