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Runecrafting is a skill on ClassicKBD that allows players to craft runes for use. There are many locations across Glienor with Rune Essence rocks(Level 1 mining required).

The image to the right shows Island West, a common place to runecraft.

The first altar shown as a Blue Star on the map, is the Elemental Altar.

The second altar shown as an Orange Star on the map, is the Dark Realm Altar.

The Yellow Star shows the Altar of Light.

Finally, the Dark Red Star locates the Enigma Altar.

Type Required Level Experience Altar
Fire Rune 1 640 Elemental Altar
Water Rune 9 1280 Elemental Altar
Air Rune 16 2080 Elemental Altar
Earth Rune 21 2880 Elemental Altar
Mind Rune 7 1280 Dark Realm Altar
Body Rune 10 3840 Dark Realm Altar
Life Rune 49 3840 Dark Realm Altar
Death Rune 55 5600 Dark Realm Altar
Chaos Rune 35 3840 Altar of Light
Nature Rune 44 4480 Altar of Light
Law Rune 60 6400 Altar of Light
Cosmic Rune 36 3200 Altar of Enigma
Blood Rune 80 8000 Altar of Enigma
Dark Air Rune 145 9600 Altar of Enigma(DWT)
Dark Water Rune 145 11200 Altar of Enigma(DWT)
Dark Fire Rune 145 12800 Altar of Enigma(DWT)
Dark Earth Rune 145 14400 Altar of Enigma(DWT)

High level Runecrafting Altars surrounding Deep Wilderness Town: High level ancient altars will now give double the xp and runes of normal Altars. do ::coords command to enable coords in game.

Ancient Elemental Altar

Level 100 RC Required

20 runes per essence of: Airs, Fires, Waters Earths

Coords: 95, 1

Ancient Dark Realm Altar:

Level 115 RC Required

16 runes per essence of: Minds, Bodys, Lifes, Deaths

Coords: 143, 9

Ancient Altar of Light:

Level 130 RC Required

12 runes per essence of: Natures, Chaos, Laws

Coords: 104, 46

Ancient Altar of Enigma:

Level 145 RC Required

8 runes per essence of: Cosmics, Bloods

Coords: 155, 49

Places to runecraft/mine rune essence Edit

Non Wilderness Edit

  • Island West (rub an amulet of fury or charged dstone ammy)

Wilderness Edit

  • Castle (take Kardia)
  • Lava Town (North of Mage Arena, no altars, only rocks)
  • Deep Wilderness Town(DWT), rub amulet of fury or walk to north east corner of wild
    • Keep in mind the altars here require 100+ to use, they give bonus xp and runes