Start: The church in Lumbridge, to the east of Lumbridge Castle. Inside, talk to the priest.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: Very Short
Requirements: The ability to take three hits from a Level 19 skeleton.
Items needed: None
Monsters to kill: Optional: Skeleton (level 19)

To start this quest simply talk to the priest in the church near Lumbridge Castle and ask for a quest.

Go behind the castle and then keep going east in the swamps. You'll soon come upon a small house. Go inside and talk to Father Urhney. He will give you an Amulet of Ghostspeak. Now go back to the graveyard in Lumbridge. Go into the small house with a coffin located in the Lumbridge graveyard. Open the coffin if it is not opened already, and wear your Amulet of Ghostspeak. Talk to the ghost wandering around. He will tell you he is missing his skull and wants you to get it for him.

Now, head to the Wizard's Tower and go downstairs. There's a Skull lying on the ground, but a Skeleton will attack. Once you have it, return to the graveyard. Return back to the coffin in the graveyard and use the skull on the coffin.

Quest complete!

Reward Edit

  • An Amulet of Ghostspeak - If you ever lose this, you can get another one from Father Urhney for 0gp.
  • 1,125 Prayer Experience
  • 1 Quest Point