Tree Gnome Village

|+Tree Gnome Stronghold

|- !Also called? |Gnome Stronghold, TGS

|- !Kingdom? |Kandarin

|- !Members Area? |Yes

|- !No. of Banks |3

|- !No. of Altars |None

|- !Leader |King Narnode Shareen

|- !Teleportation |Spirit Tree, Gnome Glider

|- !Guilds |None

|- !Inhabitants/Race |Gnome |}

Tree Gnome Strongehold is a gnome base north of West Ardougne.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Bank
  • Bar
  • Clothing Shop
  • Agility training area
  • Gnome Ball minigame

The stronghold is first entered by talking to a gnome called Femi, outside the gate. The Tree Gnome Stronghold is also a quest that you can start there by talking to King Narnode Shareen.

There are also some Yew Trees and Magic Trees in the South, West of the Grand Tree, and near to the Agility training area bank.

In the Swamp (North) you can collect swamp tar.