Woodcut is a skill available on ClassicKBD. The skill consists of cutting down trees and obtaining logs. A higher woodcutting level will give players more trees to cut and a better chance of chopping down a tree. After having been cut down, a tree will respawn after a certain amount of time.

Types of logs

Many different kinds of logs can be gathered with the woodcutting skill at increasingly higher woodcutting levels. All logs can be used to make bows with the fletching skill. Furthermore, logs can be burnt with the firemaking skill. All logs can be used for firemaking.

Type Required Level Experience
Logs 1 25
Oak logs 15 37.5
Willow logs 30 62.5
Maple logs 45 100
Yew logs 60 175
Magic logs 75 250
Mystic logs 90 450
Cork logs 105 600
Boojum logs 120 900
Gum logs 135 1100
Twisted logs 145 1300

Types of axes

The better the axe, the better the chance of successfully chopping a tree and receiving logs, there is no woodcut level requirement to use each axe for woodcutting.

Bob's Brilliant Axes is a shop in Lumbridge that sells limited axes. Higher level axes can only be acquired through smithing, as a drop from certain NPCs, or by trading with other players.

Axe type Shop Price
Bronze axe 16
Iron axe 56
Steel axe 200
Black axe Not sold
Mithril axe Not sold
Adamantite axe Not sold
Rune axe Not sold
Dragon axe Kantrana
Khorium axe Not sold
Platinum axe Not sold
Titanium axe Not sold

Tree locations

Type Locations and Coordinates
Normal tree Everywhere.
Oak tree Grand Tree
Willow tree North-West of Seers Village bank, West of the Grand Tree
Maple tree Seers Village
Yew tree South-West of Seers Village bank
Magic tree South of Seers Village bank, Gnome Stronghold, South Shantay
Mystic tree 6 trees (100, 50) - WILD
Cork tree 4 trees (210, 43) [North of Mage Bank] - WILD

3 trees ~(151, 209) [Red Dragon Isle] - WILD

Boojum tree 2 trees ~(151, 209) [Red Dragon Isle] - WILD
Gum tree 1 tree ~(151, 209) [Red Dragon isle] - WILD

1 tree ~(83, 72) [Ranging Building w/ Dragons] - WILD

Twisted tree 1 tree ~(83, 72) [Ranging Building w/ Dragons] - WILD

Log certificates

Some types of logs can be exchanged for certificates. The certificates are worth 5 logs of that type, and stack for easier carrying and trading of large numbers of logs. Forester inside McGrubor's wood (forest guild 70 woodcut required) will exchange logs to certificates and certificates to logs of ANY kind.